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Tube Strike Boosts WiFi Sign Up for Virgin Media

Are you wondering what’s the connection between WiFi sign ups and the Tube strike in London? How can a strike affect sign up for WiFi hotspot? Well we stay in a connected world now.

Unlimited Movies On TalkTalk TV

Holidays are unimaginable without your favourite and the chart buster movies. What fun it would be if you could watch all your favourite Hollywood releases at the earliest sitting comfortably in your living room.

6 More Tube Stations Under Virgin Media’s WiFi Coverage

Londoners have more reason to cheer now. Virgin Media’s WiFi rollout programme includes 6 more underground Tube stations. The fresh list of stations which have been equipped with WiFi connectivity includes: Golders Green Southgate

22.6 Million Fixed Line Broadband Customers in UK: Ofcom

Broadband ISP connections are on the rise in the United Kingdom. That is according to the latest Telecom Data Tables released for 2013 by the communication regulator. The total fixed line residential and small

7 & 8 – Service Contract & TV Licence

If you are settled in your area of residence and plan for the long-term, a service contract for your broadband, TV and phone connections is an easy way to save some extra bucks.  

9 – Change Broadband Providers

If your broadband provider is giving you sub-par service, then it’s time you decided to switch your providers. There are many reasons why you might want to switch. It could be due to  

10 – Using Your Own Router

When you are going for a new connection, one cardinal question is whether you should go for your own router or choose the one given by the service provider. Well there are many pros

11 – Need for Speed – Reduced Speed Plan

When you are trying to balance out your bills with quality, the internet speed becomes a key factor. At the very outset decide on the speed that would be suitable and plan accordingly.  

BT Fibre Broadband Can reach to 1 Million Premises in Scotland

It is a significant milestone for BT. As a part of its £2.5 billion high speed broadband rollout across UK, the company has now been successful in providing its services to 1 million homes

12 & 13 – Look For Special Offers, Start Haggling

The telecom market is intensely competitive and increasingly companies are dishing out multiple deal platters to boost their subscriber base. Remember this is one place where loyalty doesn’t pay, the best deals are invariably

Sky signs deal for new build fibre and TV

Have you ever come across internet connection issues while moving from one house to another? One reason why people are hesitant in taking decisions to shift their homes is because they might have to

14 – Compare the Broadband Deals

Making an informed choice is the key to a good deal in telecom space. First of all you need to decide on the services you require, be it broadband, TV or phone. Bundling the

15 – Give up the Landline

Are you contemplating on ways to contain your monthly bill? One easy solution could be giving up your landline if you do not use it enough. Try and remember the last time you used

Virgin Media leads broadband speed charts

So who doesn’t like to have an internet that disables each and every possibility of you exasperating over the slow speed of the connection? Ofcourse no one.   Virgin Media has managed to hit

New Sky channels and on-demand content by Talk Talk

So what if you are told that you get to enjoy bacon hiding somewhere under your smoked sausages for breakfast? Wouldn’t that be the moment of ultimate joy for you? Oh yes. Just like

WiFi Routers: Most Vulnerable for Internet Attacks in UK

The emergence and deep involvement of internet in our daily activities is like a coin with two sides. While the benefits are numerous, the risk of hacking is the single biggest concern. Exclusive research

Fibre broadband to schools – Virgin Media

Technology has been prevailing in the whole world and is spreading out loud among the youth in particular. Children these days are most advanced when it comes to comparison with old times as they