Monthly Archive:: March 2015

Virgin Media Bundles gets a serious boosts in sign-up offers

Virgin Media puts up more alluring offers and prices to its customers as their competition gets increasingly tougher. Their solid dedication enabled them to have a serious overhaul of their sign-up offers, serving customers

Sky Movie Bundle Rewards and Offers for Existing and New Users Alike

When new offers are released by broadband providers, existing users would also definitely want to have a bite of the action too. However, most of the case, the end result is that users who

TalkTalkhalves SimplyBroadband Price for the First Half-year

As customers, we definitely would want the best deals for ourselves and our home. However, to attain this, it is empirical that you must always keep an eye out for some of the hottest

Delayed Rollout of Improved Text-to-Voice Service -Telecoms regulator fined BT £800,000

The national UK telecoms regulator has fined BT£800,000 after the operator last year failed to make an improved text-to-voice service available to its customers with hearing or speech impairments. The situation stems from a

BT Broadband New Customer Offer – £80 Sainbury’s Gift Cards

After some testing of different versions of the BT website a new design has been decided upon and to mark this there is a new set of £80 Sainsbury’s Gift Cards on both the

Virgin Media Exciting Offer – Rewards of up to £100 Choose from Top Retailers John Lewis, iTunes, Amazon, M&S

  Virgin Media has a new and exciting offer for the new customers. Virgin Media’s closer is now live and includes rewards of up to £100 where customers can select from the following retail vouchers:

Virgin Media spreads broadband coverage to 50,000 more homes

Virgin Media has once again increased their territories by having their broadband infrastructure extended vastly on East London. About 50,000 homes are foreseen to be affected by this widespread extension and this is expected

Plusnet Broadband – £75 Gift Certificate

Following on from a recent £50 cash back cheque offer from Plusnet the provider has increased the sign-up incentive to a £75 gift certificate for new customers signing up to unlimited ADSL2+. The