Monthly Archive:: October 2015

Amazing Offer – Join Sky Unlimited Broadband get A Free Samsung Tab E

The sky is very innovative and always works to its best for you to enjoy what they offer to the fullest. Lately, the sky has made the deals even better for you by including

5GB Speeds Attained By BT’s Copper G. fast

BT has achieved high speeds of a massive 5 GB or five Gigabits in every one second. BT made all this in its last copper G.Fast. The 5GB speed is 250 times faster than

Sky Broadband added around 133,000 new broadband users in the last quarter

During the last quarter and up to the end of the month of September 2015, new broadband customers at Sky have risen to 133,000.The vast number of the new broadband users has made Sky

Join Virgin Media & Get Free Pure Wireless Speakers

This very appealing and you should be willing to hear all about it. The latest news says that Virgin Media is now giving wireless speaker without charging you anything for it. This free wireless

Chesham Benefits From Virgin Media’s Wi-Fi Pavement

Now, free WI-FI for the public is live, alongside Chesham High Street and in some parts of Lowndes Park with the authority of Virgin Media in co-operation with the Chesham District Council. This scheme

Sky Raises Concerns over Broadband Network Improvement For a Long Time

Once again Sky has printed a blog highlighting what is sees as a shortage of positive thinking in BT.Sky stresses that the major broadband provider being BT in the retail sector, truly BT has

BT Infinity 2 Broadband Offers Its Service At A Reduced Price

BT is one of the few service providers who give their customers priority and everything done is for the advantage of the users. Once again the cost of the BT Infinity 2 broadband service

5o Mbps, 100 Mbps, Plus 200 Mbps Products Launched By Virgin Media

Virgin Media has been spotted doing some tests on its cable broadband 200 Mbps and 300Mbps for some time now. According to the news that the free upgrades that are starting in October with