Monthly Archive:: September 2016

5% Price hikes on individual basis starting in November as reviewed by Virgin Media

Starting on November this year, increased prices ranging from £1 to £3.49 will be charged to the consumers of the telecom company. Virgin Media suggested that consumers should constantly keep in touch and be

Broadband suppliers doesn’t vary much to each other as 1 in 3 households agree.

According to the latest survey of EY accountancy firm, 1 in 3 households doesn’t see much difference between different broadband suppliers. It was declared by EY eventhough greater segmentation and more targeted offerrings are present

Sky’s featured IPv6 broadband service ‘future-proofs

Sky has taken steps to move the majority of its customers on to internet connections that built around its featured IPv6 technology. This broadband provider, Sky reveals the percentage of users now using IPv6

Virgin Media launched new Broadband for Gamers with 20 Mbps upload speed

Traditionally in the broadband market the gamers are those that eat up any improvements in their broadband connectivity, and while the basic needs for most FPS style games has not changed much in over