76Mbps broadband speed for faster and satisfying connection among BT business customers

With our modern world progress, almost all enterprises in Britain, either small or medium-sized, are demanding for a stable fast network connections.

This is mainly one of the reasons why BT makes a very smart move to upgrade and improve their fibre broadband speed offered to their business customers.



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The business subscription previously offers 38Mbps which is presently doubled to 76Mbps to cope up with the demand of their subscribers in the business field. With this renovation, more business can aspire and strive to be best of they can be. Entrepreneurs can now boost their business’ capabilities for better transactions with their own services and customers.


BT desires to make business entrepreneur’s lives easy as they work faster and smarter anywhere with BT’s cloud-based services. This was the objective announced by BT’s SME Division Managing Director in UK and was definitely a success since everyone was pleased with the 4G speed connection improvement.


Some researches show that more and more are getting extremely attached to the internet since they can’t go on a day without being connected in their emails, online payments, news, emails and other means of transaction that requires internet. It is becoming very crucial that some businesses relies in their internet connections that without it, their businesses will deteriorate.


With Ofcom code that discusses the rights of every business broadband subscribers, network providers are required to give their customers the connection that is suitable for their needs. A clear, fast and stable broadband connection must be stated in the contract upon application of subscription. Business broadband customers also have the right to cancel and end a contract once their provider failed to commit the agreed network speed in their subscription.


Gladly, BT is one of the few broadband connection providers that sign up and acknowledged the Ofcom code mentioned.


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