9.1 Million have download speeds of 30Mbps or more – Ofcom

A reporting came from Ofcom that there has been a surge in the number of homes with superfast broadband connections over the last year

Watchdog has released a statement that around eight million homes – or say around 27 per cent of the users- had average download speeds peaking 30Mbps or more last year.

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Notwithstanding that figure now peaks at 9.1 million which is actually 31 per cent of the users.

The average download speed of a broadband service in the UK rose from 29Mbps to 37Mbps – an increase of 28 per cent.

Ofcom said this not only reflects better coverage, but this development shows an increase in user base deciding to opt in to pay for a better-faster broadband package.

As of now “Superfast broadband” is currently open to 89 per cent of homes and small businesses in the country, this is a far cry from the 83 per cent a year ago.

Ofcom had to make a public dispersal of news the coverage and quality of broadband across the UK has increased significantly over the past year.

“This has been driven by BT upgrading its network; Virgin Media converting more homes to faster

Ofcom’s findings come shortly after Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond confirmed in his Autumn Statement that £400 million is to be put towards improving the UK’s fiber broadband infrastructure.

The money will be placed in a Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund, with cash shared between fibre broadband providers seeking to expand, while private investors will be asked to match the amount put forward by the government.

£740 million will be invested into developing the latest tech; 5G services and a massive scheme that will allow local authorities to put in bids for fiber connectivity.

MPs being spoken to in this particular keynote speech, of his Mr Hammond said that the future transport, business and lifestyle needs will definitely need world class “digital infrastructure” to support them, that his ambition is for the UK to be a world leader in 5G”

This means a fiber network that is full service; a step-change in speed, security and reliability.


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