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How to Reduce your Broadband Bill – 20 Easy Ways

Are you unable to rein in your broadband costs despite your best efforts? Well here are some handy tips to effectively cut down cost and get better value for your money on your broadband

1 – Pay For What You Need

Many a times it so happens that despite your best efforts your bills just keep shooting northwards. However much you might try it just doesn’t follow the expected bill pattern. One of the key

2 – Pay Via Direct Debit

Prompt service almost always goes hand in hand with prompt payment. Perhaps that is a key reason why service providers across industries make a beeline for direct debit across industries and broadband is no

3 – Switch to E-billing

E-billing has been the buzzword for a while now. It is environment friendly, it is economical and it’s easy to handle. Most companies be in broadband, TV or phone are increasingly making a move

4 – Line Rental: Upfront Payment

Savings at times can even mean upfront payment! Are you confused? Well if you have a broadband connection and looking at ways to contain it, one easy option is to pay your year’s line

5 – Switch To A Metered Connection Plan

In the whole exercise towards maximizing your broadband experience at the minimum possible cost, a metered connection is another key tool in regulating your monthly expenses.   A metered connection plan will help you

6 – Switch Your Line Rental

One of the various ways of minimizing your broadband bills is switching the line rental. If you don’t want to give up your landline connection, switch your service provider. Will be able to retain

7 & 8 – Service Contract & TV Licence

If you are settled in your area of residence and plan for the long-term, a service contract for your broadband, TV and phone connections is an easy way to save some extra bucks.  

9 – Change Broadband Providers

If your broadband provider is giving you sub-par service, then it’s time you decided to switch your providers. There are many reasons why you might want to switch. It could be due to  

10 – Using Your Own Router

When you are going for a new connection, one cardinal question is whether you should go for your own router or choose the one given by the service provider. Well there are many pros

11 – Need for Speed – Reduced Speed Plan

When you are trying to balance out your bills with quality, the internet speed becomes a key factor. At the very outset decide on the speed that would be suitable and plan accordingly.  

12 & 13 – Look For Special Offers, Start Haggling

The telecom market is intensely competitive and increasingly companies are dishing out multiple deal platters to boost their subscriber base. Remember this is one place where loyalty doesn’t pay, the best deals are invariably

14 – Compare the Broadband Deals

Making an informed choice is the key to a good deal in telecom space. First of all you need to decide on the services you require, be it broadband, TV or phone. Bundling the

15 – Give up the Landline

Are you contemplating on ways to contain your monthly bill? One easy solution could be giving up your landline if you do not use it enough. Try and remember the last time you used

16 & 17 – Change to Freeview & Use VOIP

We continue to provide our insight in helping you bring down your monthly broadband bills. One simple yet effective solution is shifting to Freeview from paid providers like SKY, BT and the like. After

18 – Bundles to Contain Cost

Value buy is the key mantra for customers today. The target is to derive maximum benefit at the minimum cost. Bundled services are an ideal manifestation of this maxim. Bundle generally combines a package

19 – DIY Speed Boost

Is your broadband speed not upto your satisfaction? It is one of the most commonly asked question among broadband users. You can then check for the speed difference by connecting your cable to the