Identify & avoid nuisance call with new security feature for phone with TalkTalk

Customers are now able to identify unwanted calls and stop them thanks to the new phone security feature unveiled by TalkTalk.

Details of callers who are not wanted are able to be reported after checking for their details in the Check and Report website, the reported numbers are then monitored by TalkTalk and posted in the Check and Report data base.

The customers will also be able to see how many times a number has been searched and whether it is has been blocked from the TalkTalk network or not.

Donna Moore who is the head of scam prevention at TalkTalk made an observation that the protection of customers is extremely important to TalkTalk and that they are committed to reducing the time customers spend on unwanted calls, in addition the simplicity of Check and Report will empower customers to protect themselves from unwanted calls.

The security feature comes after TalkTalk’s launch of other incredible features to avoid phone scams and nuisance calls, for example the caller display which is available for all customers enabling the person ringing to be seen before picking up, another great improvement is the last call barring service.

All these amazing features by TalkTalk are free of charge saving the TalkTalk customer up to £180 they would have spent had they been on other networks.








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