Increased fee for packages and calls on TalkTalk

With economy on the way, TalkTalk confirmed their increase of charges next month for package users and for calls on December. An increase of £1.25 will be credited to subscribers of Simply Broadband, Plus Tv and Essentials TV packages. The increase in charges will start on 4th of November which is only just a few days ahead.

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The price hike are as follows: £1.50 for Simply Broadband, £1.50 for Essentials TV that includes the broadband usage; and £4.50 for Plus TV which also includes the use of broadband. Expect that call charges are not exempted from the price hike. Starting on the month of December, call rates will rise to 18p from the previous 17p. and UK calling out of any bundle package will increase to 12.5p from its previous 11.5p.


TalkTalk  claimed that as much as they don’t want to increase in package and call charges, they really have to so that they can still commit to the expectations of their subscribers. TalkTalk are expected to notify every single consumers about their price hike for their costumers to have a chance in reviewing wether TalkTalk’s increased charges are deserving for the services they’ll offer or not. Giving their subscribers a chance to look for other cheaper providers.


Alongside to the early notification, TalkTalk compromises with their consumers. Brodband expect at uSwitch, Ewan Taylor-Gibson gives their subscribers 30 days to decided wether to leave and transfer to another provider or continue on with the service. Note that transferring to other provider during the 30 days priveledge will be penalty-free. The price hike issue surfaced just hours after TalkTalk launched their 18-month fixed-price plans contract.


Aside from the said options, TalkTalk also gives benefits to their cunsumers to change their current plan to the best-value deals that TalkTalk offered to their new subscribers. These priviledges were provided after a study that shows many loyalty consumers felt like they were being punished instead of being rewarded.


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