12 & 13 – Look For Special Offers, Start Haggling

The telecom market is intensely competitive and increasingly companies are dishing out multiple deal platters to boost their subscriber base. Remember this is one place where loyalty doesn’t pay, the best deals are invariably kept aside to lure new customers. So you need to be alert, agile and active in searching for the best deal and the most cost efficient service.


look for special offer

look for special offer

At any given instance there are many types of freebies, service upgrade and combo offers on the counter. The trick is to zero in on the appropriate one for you. Active comparison between similar sounding deals from competitors and constantly coaxing your provider to get you the best offers always help.

Haggling is another key aspect. If you are good at this, many hidden deals might come your way. Understand the nitty-gritty of the service provided and strike when the iron is hot. In this case, closer to when your contract is getting over. You can tell your provider that you are getting cheaper deals elsewhere, you would like to leave and request for the Migration Authorisation Code needed to switch providers. Invariably you would be redirected to the company’s retention department who would then try to woo you with a variety of special offers. Remember to haggle for the best deals and you could end up with

  • Bigger download option
  • Higher internet speed
  • Free router/upgrade or at a discounted price
  • 12-month’s subscription at half the price or other subscription related discount
  • Free installations
  • Retail vouchers

Ensure that you bargain for the best possible deal as most likely you would have to sign a contract for a minimum 12-18 month period.

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