More giveaways in availing Sky’s Black Friday broadband deals

As a way to give thanks to their subscribers, Sky Broadband hands out hundreds of gifts and rewards to those who avails the Black Friday broadband deals and TV packages.


Sky Unlimited Broadband is offered in a certain time period only. It is priced at £15 per month with an installation fee of £9.95. The speed associated with this service is 17Mbps with unlimited downloads.

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For new applicants to their 12 months contract, Sky Broadband will hand out free £75 prepaid MasterCard to their new subscribers to be enjoyed in their own means.


Deciding between bundles are really a challenge for some. Sky broadband understands the tough time their consumers go through. That is why they offer easier bundles that perfectly suits up everyone’s needs. Making their subscriber’s lives uncomplicated as ever been before.


If you chose to get the Sky Broadband Unlimited and Original Bundle TV package, your monthly bill will be £47.40 with an additional of £24.95 for the installation fee.


For the 12 months contract, subscribers can avail unlimited download with a stable speed of 17Mbps alongside with the Original Bundle that has 30 channels to choose from. You will definitely won’t be bored anymore as you scan through Sky Atlantic, FOX, Sky1 and Sports Mix. Availing this will also give you the freedom to choose your freebie between 32” LG TV, £100 reward or a stunning Lenovo laptop.


Pursuing this further, Sky Broadband Unlimited and Box Sets Bundle TV is available for £65.40 per month and £24.95 for the installation fees.


Moreover, if you avail this bundle, you can choose on a 32” LG TV, Lenovo laptop, £150 voucher or Xbox One as your gift. The bundle’s speed is the same as the broadband speeds as the previous packages alongside with 350 Sky Box Sets in HD.


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