11 – Need for Speed – Reduced Speed Plan

When you are trying to balance out your bills with quality, the internet speed becomes a key factor. At the very outset decide on the speed that would be suitable and plan accordingly.


reduced speed plan

reduced speed plan

Factors like the key purpose of your internet surfing and the average amount of downloads in a month will help you decide better on a value deal. Supposing you are only interested in email, light surfing and simple downloads, then you don’t have to go for the high end unlimited download option. A 2 MB service will be quite sufficient and cheaper as compared to a 8 MB service. However if you download lots of heavy and lengthy files like files, it would make more sense to go for a high end connection of upto 20 MB with large storage option. Here you could lose money if you go for a cheaper deal as heavy downloads may actually jack up your bills.  You can opt for upto 8 MB service for light downloads and sending photos.

Most times, our instincts as customers are to go for the maximum that money can buy. But in case of broadband it doesn’t help always. Being realistic helps you get the most out of your connection.

An easy way to find out about your broadband speed is via logging onto www.thinkbroadband.com. It is an independent broadband news and information site that helps you get the most out of your connection. Their speed testing technology facilitates an easy and near accurate measure fo the broadband speed that would be ideal for you.

This will help you as this process can minimize wastage and help you avoid going for expensive or needless deals that might not be appropriate for you.

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