Plusnet offers Unlimited Fibre at £22.99

BT-owned Plusnet is offering its Plusnet Unlimited Fibre at £22.99 per month for an 18-month contract.


This offer is primarily available in low cost areas since Plusnet first confirms the area you are currently in and adjusts the price accordingly.


With speeds reaching 38 Mbps, Plusnet touts its Fibre as 5x faster than normal broadband. Furthermore, their packages come with unlimited monthly usage plus a phone line rental if one so chooses. However, this faster package comes with a £29.99 price tag and requires a compatible line.


Other features this package includes are free calls to Plusnet phone customers at any time plus access to an award winning UK customer support and free Wireless router.


Existing Plusnet subscribers with Openreach GEA-FTTP access can opt to upgrade their FTTP by contacting Plusnet reps on the official forums or by filling out an online form in their website.


For those without access to fibre optic internet in their area Plusnet is offering a standard ADSL package. For £18.99, you can get a decent 17 Mbps connection.


Plusnet is also offering a faster package priced at £29.99 per month. This offering includes 76 Mbps speed, unlimited usage, PAYG calls, and a free wireless router.


When the deal was first announced, there was no activation fee. Plusnet has since added a £50 activation fee that can be reduced to £25 if a line rental is included in your package.


Plusnet Fibre is a great broadband choice for households that require constant internet connectivity and can support a large number of devices connected over WiFi. At 38 Mbps, streaming HD movies and TV shows from services such as BBC iPlayer or Netflix is assured of a smooth and buffer-free connection. Also, this package’s unlimited data cap ensures that avid gamers can download and play large videogames without interruption.

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