Sky Mobile proclaimed as UK’s most flexible mobile phone service provider

Sky Broadband has come up of SIM only mobile phone services which lets the consumer reuse their unconsumed data in the past month along with the ability to change plans every month.

In a study shows that network subscribers in UK are less likely to use all of the data they have paid for. Almost all of the consumers only spends half of the mobile data that they have paid and billed for. The analysis results in having more or less £2 billion wasted consumer’s money in a year.

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With these, an offer from Sky Broadband was brought to light. Sky lets their subscribers maintain an ‘online piggybank’ to store in their unused mobile data for up to three years’ time. Subscribers can now access and consume their leftover data whenever and wherever they want to.


There are three plans offered to the SIM only mobile phone service. These are the 1GB for £10 per month, 3GB for £15 per month and 5GB for £20 per month. Subscribers can change in their plans every month which depends on what they think perfectly suits them and in every month, unused mobile data will be stored to their ‘online piggybank’.


Charges to this plans are as follows: 10p for every message sent and 10p per minute on calls spent. For non-Sky TV consumers, a £10 per month additional cost is available to get an unlimited text and calls service. Meanwhile, if you are already a Sky TV customer, calls and texts on Sky Mobile plans are absolutely free and unlimited.


This SIM only mobile phone services was released by December last year. Sky Broadband is convinced that this is the answer to what their consumers nags about. It will take them to be completely in control of their plans mobile data usage. It is easy, flexible and definitely one-of-a-kind offer.


Sky Broadband also aims to expand this new offers for this new year. Providing gadgets like Apple and Samsung in every avail of this plan offers.

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