Sky welcomes Q1 with 70,000 new subscribers

Sky is off to a strong start with an addition of 70,000 new customers for the first quarter alone.


The quarter lists a total of 160,000 new Sky customers from around the world, 70,000 of which were coming from the UK and Ireland.


From April throughout June, Sky UK and Ireland also saw a strong financial growth which they believed started from the previous quarter.


The broadband and telecommunication company believes the strong profit is due to various aspects which include excellent customer service, variety of product offered and the exciting deals and price adjustments.


With the addition of various Sky Sports features, the first quarter of the financial year also saw a significant profit growth in the company. One of Sky Sports’ highlights was its exclusive right to broadcast English Football League (EFL) up to the year 2024.


Meanwhile, Sky also reveals that the HBO-produced TV show, Game of Thrones, is the company’s most watched shows with an average of 4.7 million viewers per episode.


Sky’s multiscreen platform, Sky Q, also has reached the 1.6 million mark this quarter with most of its customer coming from the United Kingdom. Millions of people found the convenience of recording any of their favorite shows and watch them on their mobile devices even while they’re on the go.


Sky’s Group Chief Executive, Jeremy Darroch, said, “We’ve had a strong start to our new financial year with good revenue growth and excellent profit growth as investments we’ve made come through.”


Darroch also added, “We continue to see good demand for our products and services with 51% more new customers joining Sky than a year ago; we surpassed the milestone of 60 million subscription products; and pay-as-you-go sports and entertainment buys grew by 12% to 9.6 million.

With this strong start, Sky assures a continuous enhancements to all their products and services across the world.

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