The success of TenTel

In their recent posts, TenTel broadcast their most prosperous month last October 2016 with 2,000 orders was placed and a ratio of more than a hundred application a day.

The Scotland-based telecom was very pleased with their high application rate. TenTel planned in aiming their success rate will be reached at year 2017 so the sudden boost in application for their subscriptions was nearly beyond unbelievable for them.

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In that event, Tentel are more convinced in their  flourishing accomplishments and success in the upcoming years to come as they gain more and more subscribers in their shot-term TV, phone and broadband services.


TenTel’s Managing Director Robert McKechnie recently proclaimed theirselves as one of the most outgrowing companies in the internet section in the UK with ten percent of the revenue every month as growth continues.


Robert McKenchnie also stated that their short-term package services are extremely growing by reason of more people are more likely to subscribe to short-term contracts that gives them the freedom in the length of their contract without any big charges.


This short-term subscriptions are getting more popular. It is actually becoming as one of the latest trends in network connection industry. Especially when TenTel amended their website based on Advertising Standards Authority’s order and regulation that line rental and broadband fees must only be presented as a single figure.


In detailed example, TenTel’s Hello Broadband 5 Bundle is offered at £18.99 per month. Meanwhile, Hello Broadband 40 Bundle is offered at £19.49 per month for the upcoming six months before it reached its price up to £22.99 per month.


Moreover, Hello Broadband Unlimited Bundle is offered at £22.49 for the first six months, then will increase to £28.99 per month in its succeeding month of subscription.


Alongside with the mentioned bundles above, Hello Fibre 100 Bundle is offered at £32.99 per month.


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