Tube Strike Boosts WiFi Sign Up for Virgin Media

Are you wondering what’s the connection between WiFi sign ups and the Tube strike in London? How can a strike affect sign up for WiFi hotspot? Well we stay in a connected world now. As the internet umbrella gradually spreads its all encompassing umbrella on our day to day activities, the world is reduced to a global village where the internet has almost become the lifeline.  So all those Londoners struggling to reach office due to the Tube strike would automatically take refuge in these WiFi hotspots to make up for the lost time and address their work related issues as soon as they can possibly get through.


Tube Strike Boosts WiFi Sign Up for Virgin Media

Tube Strike Boosts WiFi Sign Up for Virgin Media


Infact Virgin Media has reported that new registrations at its public WiFi hotspots in 137 underground Tube rail stations across London saw a large upswing during the recent strike. It went up by as much as 50% as commuters across the city tried to navigate their way around London.

Virgin’s data indicates that while normally internet traffic peaks around 8:35 am, during the strike, it was little later closer to 9:00 am, around 8:50 am. This is because the passengers were on a constant look out for travel updates and trying to do whatever work possible while on the move and waiting for the limited Tube service.

Most WiFi services offer free access to TfL travel information and local news. But for proper internet surfing, they need to pay some charges. The rates range for £2 a day to £5 for a week and a monthly pass worth £15. There is a special offer for existing customers of EE, O2, Vodafone and Virgin media- access is absolutely free.

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