10 – Using Your Own Router

When you are going for a new connection, one cardinal question is whether you should go for your own router or choose the one given by the service provider. Well there are many pros and cons. You have to weigh all options carefully and take a call accordingly.

Own Router

Own Router

The key advantages of choosing your own router are:

  • As you would be buying it, there would be no compromise on quality
  • You won’t get poor quality of signals due to low grade router
  • You can save on monthly rental fees for the router which are levied by your service provider
  • Adds to convenience and ease of use

However there are basic concerns too:

  • Most service providers do not give technical support if you are using your own router
  • You need to fix any router related glitch yourself
  • Compatibility is a major concern, most times companies lock their routers

So the bottomline is if you are not too confident about your technical prowess in the telecom sector, which is our story most times, it is better to stick to the ones given by your service provider. If you are not technically savvy, it’s possible that even your services could be suspended for not being able to troubleshoot problems arousing from your own router. TalkTalk is perhaps among the very few companies that provides technical support to those who choose their own router. While others like Sky, Virgin and BT encourage using their own router.

Even if you already own a router, there is no harm in keeping the one given by your broadband service provider as a back-up.  However some providers like Zen Broadband, do give you the option of using your own device by charging separately for their wireless router

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