Virgin Media as the fastest network connection provider according to Ookla’s list

Virgin Media tops of the Oookla’s list in terms of the fastest reliable download speed that network providers offers to their subscribers. While BT and Plusnet completes the top three in the Ookla’s list.


Virgin Media serve their subscribers with the speed of 161.33Mbps that will surely give you the boost you need in your connection. Virgin Media’s speed is highly far more faster than their closest rival BT’s recorded network speed of 63.23Mbps along with Plusnet at an average speed of 59.53Mbps. The fourth placer in the list was TalkTalk at a speed of 37.57Mbps just as the fifth placer Sky Broadband with their network speed of 36.27Mbps.

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The country’s average speed was recorded at 39.76Mbps. It was detailed and reported to went up to 18 percent compared to last year.


It is clear that due to Virgin Media’s DOCSIS 3 material for fast cable technology, they are now gaining the popularity they deserve as they aim further to a 200Mbps speed with no network distraction and be literally so good, you won’t believe it’s actually true.


With no doubt, Virgin Media’s performance in giving their customers the network speed they’ve paid for will surely go a long way as they get a thumbs up in their response to broadband speed advertising by Advertising Standards Authority.


However, some of the law keepers wants to revise the pledge in advertising network speed as they believe many people are being fooled in different advertisements that results to getting them trapped to some providers that can’t offer the speed they’ve signed up for.


Researches in Ipsos MORI for Virgin Media announced that most of the population are being misled in their speed and usage claims and 90 percent of the population believes it is a priority for providers to increase their download speed let it be advertised properly and clearly just so people can decided correctly.


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