Virgin Media ‘planning budget broadband offering’

Virgin Media is understood to be gearing up to launch a budget broadband service.

City A.M released information on one of the latest endeavors of Virgin Media, but the exact nuts and bolts of the plan still remain a closely guarded secret.

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On a fair note the publication at some point briefly reported that the company Virgin Media plans to expand the reach of its major service; its cable network . And this is at some point in the year 2017.

Project Prosecco as it is called by people in the Virgin Media sphere, would see Virgin Media ramping up effort up on the competition. Basically the competition being the other providers that offer discount broadband packages in the UK.

In the UK, Virgin Media was lately discovered to offer the fastest average internet speeds of any major internet company in the UK. The research goes on to say that Ookla, the company offers average download speeds of 161.33Mbps.

In terms of speed and customer satisfaction this puts them ahead of the competition. Rivals like BT that scores an average of 63.23Mbps, and another competitor Plusnet offering an average of 59.53Mbps and TalkTalk comfortably reaching decent  speeds of 37.57Mbps.

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